Best Projection Necklace Shopping Guide, and How to Avoid Low Quality Ones

Best Projection Necklace Shopping Guide, and How to Avoid Low Quality Ones

Photo projection necklaces are a unique and meaningful way to keep a cherished moment forever. With its ability to hide your favorite picture and the innovative projecting feature, it quickly becomes a popular gift choice.

However, not all picture projection necklaces are created equal. When you search for the best projection necklaces and projection bracelets, it’s important to know what are good ones and how to avoid buying low quality ones.

What is a personalized photo projection necklace?

It’s viewed by some people as a modern type of locket — it encloses a custom picture inside its stone, and thus helps to bear one’s precious memories forever.

Its most impressive feature, as the name suggests, is the ability to project the image onto a any surface. Just find a white wall or a blank canvas, turn off the lights, and shine a light to the pendant with your phone’s flashlight, and you’ll be able to start a fantastic projection show.

We have a detailed blog on how it works.

People like to put their own photo, or that of their loved one inside the stone. Some people choose their pet’s picture, an artwork of their children, or a special message. It’s a unique and creative way to showcase your precious moments, and also an excellent gift for all ages on any occasion, such as birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

How to pick the best projection necklace?

Good projector necklaces differ from shady ones in many ways. You need to pay attention to these aspects to spend your money properly.

  • The clarity of the projection. 

A necklace with picture inside uses micro engraving technology which shrinks your image into a 3mm miniature and prints it on a thin film, which is then glued to the flat lens of a specially designed stone. Printing isn’t an easy task. A jewelry studio should acquire a machine with high precision to guarantee quality, and experienced artisans are needed to adjust the parameters for the best colors.

Good Bad
Clear Blurry
Color similar to original Color different from original
Picture in the center  Picture to the side/tilted
  • The quality of the pendant.

It’s a jewelry piece that you’ll want to wear everyday, and you don’t want to wear something that is crudely made.

First, a good projection photo necklace has a sleek design and smooth surface. No scratches, no tarnish.

Second, The projective lens is perfectly glued to the pendant. If not, it may fall out.

Third, the tiny picture was printed in the right position, with no glues spreading over.

  • The use of the material.

There are many light projection necklaces on the market with different price tags. The best ones are made of 925 sterling silver. It’s a precious metal that is friendly to wear. Its sleek and glossy finish looks elegant and enduring.It’s the best choice for everyday wear and gift giving.

For brass or stainless steel ones, prices are lower. They usually have similar silver finish with a golden hue.

It doesn’t mean they’re bad, though. They’re easier to maintain and is a budget friendly choice.

We have a detailed blog on the three different materials.

  • The packaging

Packaging is important as many people buy the jewelry with photo projection as a gift. You’ll want it to come with nice packaging , perhaps in a well protected box with use instructions.

  • Additional services

Want to put a card for your gift receiver? Or to engrave a name on the pendant? Or to put some secret text in the projection to make the it even more unique? If you have special requirements you should find a seller who provides these services.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re buying a necklace with tiny photo inside to celebrate a landmark moment, to put smile on your loved one, or to remember a long lost friend, you’ll want to find the best quality ones and have your money well spent. Good quality, good material, a wide range of designs and custom options are what you should pay attention to. Be sure to consider these factors before you place an order.


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