1. Do your projection necklaces really work?

Yes of course! We're professional in making micro-carved photo projection necklaces and bracelets. Your picture on the pendant can be viewed clearly through naked eyes, camera lens, or when projected onto a surface.

To learn more about how we apply the technique to create unique jewelry, please refer to this blog post

2. How to use a projection necklace?

3 methods to unlock its magic!

  1. Tap the camera app on your phone -> Point it at the front side of the pendant to reveal the picture.
  2. Turn on the flashlight on your phone -> Point it at the back of the pendant to project the image onto a surface.
  3. Hold the pendant close to one eye to view the photo.

For details please refer to this blog post.

3. I see spots on the image of my projection necklace. Is it defective?

Dirt or grease can result in specks on the images or blurred pictures. Use a silver polishing cloth to gently clean the lens (flat side of the pendant).

4. Are your jewelry made with sterling silver?

Most of them, yes.

All Customodish's necklaces are made with high-quality sterling silver. Gold or rose gold necklaces are then plated in 18k gold. 

Most projection bracelets are made of sterling silver, while the braided rope ones are made with stainless steel or bronze. Please refer for product pages for details.


    1. I have a special request for my order.

    Please don't hesitate to chat with us or email at hello@customodish.com , and we'll reply within 12 hours. 

    2. What's the shipping time and cost?

    Standard Shipping:

    Time: 16-25 days, including processing and shipping
    Cost: Free


    Time: 12-17 days, including processing and shipping
    Cost: $19.95 (if you’re located in North America, Europe, Singapore, UAE)
              $24.95 (if you’re in other locations)

    3. How do I use a coupon?

    Free shipping is applied automatically on all orders.

    If you've got other promo code or gift card code, please tap "Show order summary" at the checkout step and apply it there. 

    Order Issues

    1. How do I track my order?

    You can track it on our Track Your Order page. 


    1. My projection necklace/bracelet is blurry.

    We’re one of the earliest online sites to sell photo projection necklaces and bracelets, and we use the best grade machine in the industry. Our artisans are among the most experienced, and we have strict inspection procedures in place before the shipment. We’re confident that our jewelry are of the best quality.

    The clarity of the interior image depends on two major factors:

    First, the resolution of your original photo. We suggest you use a clear, focused and bright image.

    Second, the way you look at the pic. According to physics, the more light you let into the projection stone, the clearer image you’ll see. Therefore, holding the pendant against a light source such as a ceiling light and natural sunlight creates better results. If you’re projecting the image onto a wall, please do it in a dimmed environment.

    Pease note that the image is micro-carved onto a film and it’s as tiny as 3mm. When it’s enlarged and displayed on the wall there will be a loss of quality, and it can’t be as 100% clear as your original photo.

    If you’re curious about how it works you can dive in with us on the creation of a photo projection jewelry here.

    2. My item is defective.

    We apologize if that happens! Please rest assured that we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Please email us at hello@customodish.com and we'll help solve the problem together!