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Do Projection Necklaces Work?

Photo projection necklaces have become a popular gift choice recently. This blog by Customodish is for anyone curious about what it is and how it works.

What is a projection necklace?

Also called a projector necklace or a look-through picture necklace, it's a necklace with picture inside. When illuminated with a flashlight, the internal picture can be projected onto the wall, delivering a hidden message of love. 

How do projection necklaces work?

You can also just peek inside the pendant to relive your precious memories anytime you want. 

A projection photo necklace is considered by many as a thoughtful and unique gift. They are popular for their emotional value as they allow people to carry a tangible reminder of loved ones or special moments in a sophisticated and wearable manner.

How do projection necklaces work?

First of all, the picture of your choice is made into a 3mm color microphotograph. Then the tiny piece of artwork is inlaid on the flat side of a molded lens. The specially designed lens is then glued to the flat side of a specially designed projection bead.

When the pendant is held up to a light source, such as the flashlight on your cell phone, light passes through the center stone, enlarging and projecting the image onto a surface, just like a slide projector works. That’s how the picture, along with the text you may have also added, delivers a message of love.

The photo projection bead

Simply put, the projection is achieved through the use of microphotography, which is not new at all. 

The technology was invented by British scientific instrument maker John Benjamin Dancer about 150 years ago. In 1839 Dancer pioneered the making of microphotographs mounted on slides for microscope viewing, which progressed into today’s technology.

To make a custom picture necklace that projects well isn’t easy. First, jewelry makers should invest in a micro carving machine. Only top-notch machines can render high-resolution images. Second, an experienced artisan is required to set all the parameters correctly in order to ensure the right color, brightness and composition. Third, when gluing the film to the center stone, the artisan must prevent the glue from spreading all over the lens and blurring the picture, which requires a lot of fine-tuning.

Clear and bright images usually have better results. So if you're to make a necklace with photo inside, try to choose a picture that is clear and with a bright background.

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How to use a photo projection necklace?

Its magic can be unlocked with the flashlight or the camera lens on your phone, or simply peeking into it with one eye!

Method 1 -- Using a flashlight

  1. Open the flashlight of your cell phone.
  2. Stand wall facing.
  3. Point the flashlight at the flat side (backside) of the necklace’s central stone, and ta-da, you’ll see the image enlarged and projected onto the wall! 

Method 2 -- Using the camera app

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Aim the lens at the convex side (front side) of the pendant. You’ll see the picture enlarged on the screen of your phone.

Method 3 -- with one eye

Just hold the pendant about one inch under one eye and look into the center gem. 

Instructions on how to use a photo projection necklace

Why do people love the necklace with a hidden picture?

Shopping for gifts can be difficult, but the photo necklace projection makes a heartwarming, personal, and memorable gift for many reasons.

1. It's personalized and unique.

Every projection necklace is custom-made, and it helps to make the special day even more special. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or important holidays, a projection photo necklace is a gift that you'll be proud to give and they'll truly treasure.

2. It's thoughtful and sentimental. 

Some people say it’s a return ticket to the past as it keeps all the memories fresh and alive. Every time you see the picture inside the stone, you’ll be reminded of all the beautiful memories that are otherwise gone. 

By incorporating your favorite photo, the necklace with picture inside stone allows the wearer to carry their special moment close to their heart, adding deep emotional significance to the piece.

3. It's novel and remarkable.

While other types of personalized jewelry like locket pendants and photo engraved necklaces offer their own charm, the allure of photo projection jewelry is more impressive. You will be impressed at how vivid and alive the memory can be kept, as well as the magical and unmatched projection show that sets it apart from any other piece in your collection.

4. It's fashionable.

Besides the sentimental factor, they are also stylish accessories that lighten up your daily look. They typically come in various styles and shapes like hearts, circular pendants, and more. Customodish has a wide array of over 50 designs and styles.

5. It's versatile. 

Suitable for all genders and age groups, and perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or just as a thoughtful surprise. 

What occasions are the projection necklaces for?

Whether you are celebrating a special day, or giving a gift to put a smile on someone’s face, a personalized projection necklace is an amazing way to show love.  

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Heart projection necklace, a forever classic

1. Birthdays

Birthdays are THE special day celebrated just once a year. Hide their favorite picture inside the pendant and surprise them with a mesmerizing projection show. 

2. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are very special occasions for couples. It will be a beautiful arrangement to celebrate love by huddling together and watching your favorite picture projected on the wall. 

3. Christmas

Christmas is the happiest time of a year. Make everyone feel festive by creating a necklace with a holiday photo.

4. Mother's Day

For the great moms that support you all your life, nothing is more thoughtful than gifting a custom, sparkling necklace with her favorite picture inside.

5. Father's Day

Our men's projection necklace collection is just for the remarkable men in your life. The personal touch of jewelry with photo projection can resonate well with men who value sentimental gestures. Choose a style they like to delight and surprise!

6. Any occasion

A truly precious gift is a gift that says something to the receiver. Projection photo necklaces are for everyone on all occasions. You can hand-pick a picture of your father, best friend, partner, baby, etc., and turn it into a wearable piece of jewelry. It's also a perfect gift for pet owners who love to carry their dogs or cats close to their heart. 

Final thoughts

The projection picture necklace is a perfect keepsake to embrace your loved one, mark a memory or celebrate your milestones. It's a great gift no matter you are shopping for your mother, wife, father, friend or a pet owner. 

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