Top 5 Pet Picture Necklaces You Must Have!

Top 5 Pet Picture Necklaces You Must Have!

A pet necklace is a piece of jewelry people wear in honor of their beloved pets. Although we want to bring our fur babies everywhere we go, there are times we can’t. Therefore, a personalized picture necklace is a great keepsake to keep fur babies close to our heart. 

A pet picture necklace is a great gift to honor the love and bond between man and cat, dog, bunny, horse, etc.

For most pet lovers, no matter it’s a dog, cat, horse, bunny, or guinea pig, they’re very much part of family. The loyalty, affection, joy and companionship that pets offer are priceless to their owners.

The loss of a pet can be hard for all members of family. A photo necklace that brings them close to heart is one of the best ways to honor the never-ending bonds between man and animal. 

We’re pet owners too, so we totally get the sentiment! At Customodish we offer various types of picture necklaces that no pet owner can reject. Read till the end to see the top five picture necklaces for pet lovers!

1. Pet projection necklace 

A heart shape is a token of love. A photo projection necklace hides your cat's or dog's picture inside its center stone, and with a beam of light, can project it onto a white wall. It's a discreet way of carrying your fur baby close, and an amazing way to keep the beautiful moments you spent with your pet as vivid as the day they commemorated. 

Put your pet picture inside necklace

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You can also peek through it to view the image, or use the camera lens on your phone to reveal the picture. The heart necklace with picture inside will be a lovely gift that is sure to touch the heart of a gift receiver.

All projection necklaces at Customodish are made by experienced artisans with love and care. The delicate design is suited for everyone to be worn with any outfit.

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2. Pet portrait necklace

Portrait necklaces are one of the most chosen ways to remember your furry friend as they are. Just a unique photo of your dog or cat, you can create a necklace, bracelet or ring engraved with your pet's unique depiction.

Usually laser engraved on sterling silver or stainless steel, the sketches never fade away, just like your love for your buddy. It’s a bold expression to showcase your pet's personality, and a great piece to show others your love and care for your four-legged friend.

A personalized pet portrait necklace depicts your dog or cat as the way it is!

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Whether you’re honoring your dog, cat, fish, hedgehog, turtle or chinchilla, a pet engraved necklace is a meaningful keepsake to hold them close everyday.  

3. Pet stamped circle or bar necklace

Many circle or bar necklaces are available in the market, but a personalized pendant stamped with the face and name of you pet is one-of-a-kind. You can also add an inscription to the back of the pendant. It’s a more subdued version of the portrait engraved necklace, and is a perfect choice for those who wants a charm for everyday wear. This dainty adornment is sure to delight everyone.

Pet stamped necklace, or pet engraved necklace, is a popular gift for pet lovers.

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Our stamped necklaces come in two shapes, a circle disc and a bar shape. A circle disc is a timeless classic, and is perfect for those who love minimalist. A bar pendant is always a chic addition to your collection.

A bar necklace engraved with your dog's photo or cat's picture is a chic style for everyday wear!

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4. Pet name necklace

For those who love a subtle style, you can never go wrong with this popular option. Spell out your love with a name pendant! It can be the name or initial of your dog, or the date of your cat's birth. A name engraved pendant is truly versatile and is for any day on any occasion. You can wear it alone or stack it with a portrait necklace or a projection necklace for a more stylish look.

The personalized name necklace is a great pet gifts with its minimal design.

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5. Pet silhouette necklace

The most common ones are silhouette pendants of different dog or cat breeds, with the names engraved on the back. Of course, there’re other furry creatures that capture our hearts. For example, some can’t get enough of hedges and chins.

Just send us a clear, focused and highlighted picture of your pet, and our designers will turn it into a silhouette. We’ll then carve it out on a sterling silver metal sheet with a cutout heart. It’s definitely unique and different from other animal shaped necklaces that have fixed shapes. You design your own!

pet portrait necklace at customodish

Final thoughts

You can buy these pieces while your best pals are still with you, or to remember them when they've left. There's nothing better than a custom photo necklace that symbolizes your enduring love for your pet.

Pet owners always love to receive gifts related to their pets. A gift for them doesn't need to be expensive. A personalized and meaningful pet picture necklace is something they'll like and look forward to wearing everyday! 

Start customizing now and turn the photo of your pet into a gorgeous work of wearable art!

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