How to Use a Projection Necklace?

How to Use a Projection Necklace?

projection necklace carries your custom picture inside the projection stone, and projects it onto any surface with a beam of light. 

So, how to use a photo projection necklace after getting yours? Its magic can be unlocked with the flashlight or the camera lens on your phone, or just by looking at it with one eye!

How to use a projection necklace?

Method 1

One of the most remarkable ways is projecting the picture inside the necklace onto a nearby surface, such as a white wall.

How to use photo projection necklace with flashlight to project onto the wall?
  1. Open the flashlight of your cell phone.
  2. Stand wall facing.
  3. Point the flashlight at the flat side (backside) of the necklace’s center stone, and ta-da, you’ll see the image enlarged and projected onto the wall! 

Remember, a dimmed environment yields better results. A little fiddling may be necessary to find the best projection angle.

how to use the projection necklace

Method 2

The best way to see the image clearly is probably to use the camera on your phone. 

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Aim the lens at the convex side (front side) of the pendant. You’ll see the picture enlarged and displayed on the screen of your phone.

 How to use projection necklace with camera app of your phone?

Method 3

You can simply view your image with your naked eye rather than using a tool. Just hold the pendant about one inch from one eye and peek into the gem. 

Holding it against a light source creates better result, especially if your internal image is dark.


Many people wonder how the necklace carries a picture inside. The custom picture is micro-carved into a 3 mm microphotograph and inlaid on a special lens, which is then glued to the central gem. We have a detailed blog on this!

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Care tips for projection necklaces

To keep your precious memories lasting longer, please:

▫ Use a clean and soft cloth to gently wipe the lens, if you see black dots or hair-like stuff on the image. Dirt or grease can result in specks on the images or blurred pictures. Wiping hard may scratch the lens.

▫ Do not wear it to the pool, spa, or the beach. 

▫ Take off when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically heavy activities.

▫ Keep away from perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners.

▫ Do not use chemical jewelry cleaners.

▫ Store your jewelry in a cool dry place, such as in a jewelry box.

 Final thoughts

A necklace with picture inside captures your best memories and preserves them as fresh as the day they commemorated. It transforms your favorite photo into an unforgettable piece of jewelry. 

It’s also a thoughtful gift to show how much you care, as it delivers a romantic message of love. Try adding a little individual touch and make a gift that lasts forever!


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