Everything You Need to Know about Photo Projection Keychains!

Everything You Need to Know about Photo Projection Keychains!

Keychains as gifts have been around for a long time, and personalized keychains with custom pictures, drawings, logos and texts have added to the popularity of keychains. Recently a new type of personalized keychains becomes in trend, which is called the photo projection keychain.

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The most special part of a projection keychain is its center stone. This stone can hide your custom picture inside and, when illuminated with light, can project the image onto a wall. You can also peek into the transparent stone to view the photo.


So why do people choose a projection photo keychain?

1. They preserve special memories.  

Whether it’s a photo of a family trip to the beach or a shot of your son’s graduation ceremony, a secret picture keychain reminds you of your most cherished moments in your life.

When you project the image onto a wall or peek into the pendant, you’ll be able to relive your favorite moments. That’s how a trinket can create huge sentimental value.

2. They convey a message.

Whether it’s bought for your dad’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, you’re sending them a message of love, care, and commitment. You can also choose to engrave your words of choice to make it more unique and special. For your gift receiver, it’s definitely a joy to carry it around or inside their pockets.

3. They’re useful and practical.

Key rings act as a basic necessity to keep our house keys, car keys and others safe and well-organized.

Some people also use it as a bottle opener. Girls like to hang it with their handbags to create a personal spin. And of course, you can buy one just for collection.

4. They’re innovative.

Keychains enjoy a long history in gift giving, and people have already seen various kinds of personalized key rings, such as the ones embossed with logos of enterprises, the ones engraved with loved ones’ names or photos engraved, or ones with cute cartoon images. How to stand out from all these common keychains? A picture projection keychain with a hidden picture and the projection feature will certainly make it an undeniable choice.

5. They’re super easy to customize.

We make our projective keychains surprisingly easy to make. Just choose a pattern and upload the photo of your choice, and go to checkout.


What are the best occasion to give a hidden photo keychain?

1. A great gift for friends and family

Hidden picture keychains are usually less expensive than photo projection necklaces and bracelets, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something on budget while has all the innovation and uniqueness of a carefully selected gift.

2. A little token for weddings, baby showers, birth parties, retirement, etc.

Since you can put any picture inside, you can choose one with meaning and create something that people will treasure forever. If it’s for wedding guests, you can customize with a picture of the bride and the groom. If you’re giving it to your kid’s birthday, you can upload a photo of their favorite cartoon character. You can also opt for an old photo of your family if you’re giving it as a Christmas gift.

3. For promotional use by organizations for special events such as trade shows.

Key rings has always been used by sellers as a marketing tool to promote brands or give to customers. It’s an affordable and meaningful addition to any event, and your customer will remember you because a projection keyring is such a special piece of gift.

How are projection photo keychains made?

The secret lies in the projection stone in the center, which has a convex side and a flat side. On the flat side lies your custom picture, which is carved onto a thin film using the nano-engraving technology. When light comes through the stone, It’s focused and enhanced by the convex side and then projects the photo onto a wall.

It works much like a slide projector that you may have seen a couple years ago when teachers used it in classes. if you want to learn more about the history and tech behind it, please refer to our previous blog.


How to use a projection key ring?

It may require a few adjustments to find the best angle. however, it’s generally easy to unlock its magic.

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Final thoughts

Keychains are everywhere and are part of our lives. A keychain with hidden picture is suitable for anyone on any occasion. From heart shape, simple circle, to bar and cross pendant, you’ll find your favorite design. Customize now for yourself or as a gift for your friends or family! 


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