10 Best Selling Projection Necklaces: The Symbols and Meanings

10 Best Selling Projection Necklaces: The Symbols and Meanings

The projection necklace is one of the best ways to convey your love by hiding a custom photo inside. Choosing the right pendant that your gift receiver likes most will help make the bond between you closer, and bring the aha moment of opening the box more sentimental and memorable.

So, how to choose a pattern that best represents one’s personality and belief? What are the symbols and meanings of different charms? What are the shapes that will never go wrong?

We have collected the best photo projection necklaces for the ones you love. Whether its your girlfriend, fiancee, mom, daughter, sister or a friend, you’ll find a gift that’s truly unique and meaningful.

1. Heart Projection Necklace

The heart shape is a timeless classic. A heart symbolizes your enduring love for the one you care. Best of all, it allows her to wear a favorite photo close to her heart. It’s a perfect gift for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, proposals, birthdays, etc.

2. Circle Projection Necklace

You can never go wrong with a dainty, minimal circle necklace with picture inside. A circle is a universal symbol of eternity and wholeness. It’s perfect for wearing alone or layering with other pieces of blings. Choose a picture of your most beautiful moment and add a special meaning to your gift! 

3. Flower Projection Necklace

A flower-shaped pendant is a symbol of beauty. Flower usually represents feminine figure and therefore sybolizes the female power. A perfect gift for the important women in your life.

4. Clover Projection Necklace

A four-leaf clover symbolizes luck. By sending your loved one this picture necklace, you’re wishing her/him the best fortune.

5. Key Projection Necklace

If you want to send a picture projection necklace to make a statement, there’s no better choice than a key-shaped pendant! Telll her she’s got the key to your heart, and the commitment of a lifetime.

6. Moon Projection Necklace

The moon also represents feminine empowerment, making it a perfect gift for her. It’s also seen as a symbol of nature and change.

7. Bar Projection Necklace

A bar shape or a bar tag is a stylish and versatile piece of jewelry as people tend to engrave a personal message on it. It best represents love and care, and is perfect for both men and women.

8. Cross Projection Necklace

The cross pendant enjoys a long history as a religious symbol. Gradually it has become a popular emblem of love and hope. Now it’s also used widely in fashion design as a style statement. A perfect choice for both men and women.

9. Angel Projection Necklace

Angels as celestial beings are regarded as motifs of divine connection and spirituality. It also represents protection and is given as a gift to show that your gift receiver will always be cherished and protected.

10. Sun Projection Necklace

The sun symbolizes warmth, power and light. Without it, life would not be possible. It’s a perfect gift for the remarkable man who gives you strength and supported you with his personality and wisdom.

Final Words

As one of the earliest sellers of projection jewelry, Customodish offers a wide variety of necklaces and bracelets in more than 50 patterns.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand word. Show your love toward him/her with a necklace or bracelet that projects! 


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