What to Put on a Projection Necklace? Inspirations for Your Projection Gifts! 

What to Put on a Projection Necklace? Inspirations for Your Projection Gifts! 

No matter you’re buying a projection necklace to show off your personality, or to gift someone you love, or simply to match your already stylish outfit, it’s a great piece of jewelry that has a purpose and meaning.

A projection photo necklace is a necklace with picture inside. It projects the image onto any surface with a beam of light. You can also peek inside to view the picture.

Once you decide on a style, the most important step of purchasing a picture projection necklace is personalizing it with a photo that best tells your or your gift receiver’s story.

When you browse your album for the photo to put inside the pendant, you’re revisiting some of the best memories. And finally, the projector necklace you make will be a piece that keeps precious moments forever.

Here are some ideas to inspire you!

  • Use your photo

There’s no nicer thing than the projection jewelry to show off your personality. Choose an image that reflects your style or tells a story you want to share with others. Ask yourself, does this image fit with your style? After all, you may wear it many times.

These are just some examples:

A mom who’s proud of her baby.

A men and the love of his life.

A young graduate who wants to show to others his/her moment on graduation day.

  • Your loved one’s photo 

A necklace with picture inside is a perfect gift for your mom, dad, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, children, and best friend. It’s basically for everyone, on all occasions. The most important is, does this image carry a special meaning? After all, lots of people buy it for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. And a gift that stands out is something that makes the person feel special.

Some ideas:

A family gathering

A men who becomes father for the first time

Your mother and her puppy

  • Someone you miss a lot 

There are many ways to remember a loved one, and a unique piece of memorial jewelry is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Every time you take the projection pendant out and open the interior photo, memories flood back and you’ll always remember the beautiful time you spent together. A necklace with a hidden picture is a perfect sympathy gift and a great keepsake.

Some ideas:

Someone you care who passed away

Your pet who left you

There’re so many wonderful ideas to pick a picture to personalize a necklace with picture inside stone. Remember, it’s not about the image, but the person, the moment and the emotion that the picture showcases. It’s the sentimental part of the tiny photo necklace that lasts forever.

Speaking of how to choose the best photo, Customodish also wants to share some useful tips to guarantee the best result.

1. Choose a clear, focused one.

If a photo is blurry or out of focus, pick another one. Because a photo necklace projection uses the nano-microcarving technology, and the picture is shrieked into a tiny one on the pendant, and was enlarged hundreds of thousands of times when projected. Images that appear blurry and out of focus at low resolutions will generate bad result.

2. Choose a bright, well-lit picture.

We always suggest a bright picture when personalizing a necklace with photo inside. Although our artisans adjust the parameters using the best quality machine to ensure the engraving represents the shades and brightness of your original photo, the image you see in the pendant is usually darker. Just think about the projector you might have used years ago. That’s why we suggest a bright one.

3. Choose one with big subjects

Try to avoid squeezing too many people or texts onto one image. Because they may not be readable or visible at all when projected onto a wall. In addition, if the subject is too small, zoom in to make it larger.

4. Choose one with minimal distractions

Make the faces hyper-focus, not the background. Distractions are easy to miss when you look at the picture, but they can affect the result when viewed with a camera or projected onto the wall.

Photo projection necklace photo upload guide

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to revitalize an old memory or create something to express yourself, the jewelry with picture inside is your answer. Customodish has over two years’ experience and we have over 50 shapes built to your style. We offer free shipping to US, UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany and almost all countries in the world!

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