What Is a Projection Bracelet and How Does It Work?

What Is a Projection Bracelet and How Does It Work?

The photo projection bracelet has become a new fad in personalized jewelry and is seen everywhere on TikTok. It’s an innovative piece of bracelet that projects a custom picture onto a surface when light comes through. It’s a beautiful and meaningful addition to your jewelry collection, and a unique and thoughtful gift for the one you love.

Dive in with us as we look at the history of the projection tech, if you’re curious about what a projective bracelet is and how it works!

This circle projection bracelet comes in various colors and makes great gifts for him and for her.

What Is a Projection Bracelet?

It got its name from its most special and captivating feature — the ability to project the interior photo onto a wall. Some people call it a modern locket as it keeps your photo as fresh as the day it commemorated.

You can also peek into the center stone to view the picture, or open the camera app on your phone to display the image on the screen.

The projecting bracelet has become a popular gift for men and women. Carrying your favorite photo inside, it helps keep your loved one close to your heart, and conveys a message of “I love you” in a romantic way. Whether it’s a family photo, a photo of your baby, a portrait of your pet, or an old photo that you wish to keep forever, a bracelet with picture inside preserves your precious moments for a lifetime.  

This circle projection bracelet comes in various colors and makes great gifts for him and for her.

How Does a Projection Bracelet work?

Each pendant is inlaid with a specially designed projective lens with a flat side and a concave mirror. Your personalized picture is micro carved onto a thin film which is then glued to the flat side of the lens. When light passes through the concave mirror of the transparent lens, the image is enlarged and projected onto a surface.

It may sound like a slide projector that we’ve all seen in our grandparent’s houses or school classrooms. Indeed, the technology isn’t new.

As early as the 17th century, there was something called “magic lanterns” which was an early form of a slide projector. It was a metal box with a concave lens that helped focus the light and a flat lens to hold glass pieces. Hand-painted glass pieces were placed behind the lens. When light passes through, the patterns were then projected onto a nearest wall. Soon people were fascinated with this invention and it became a popular entertainment for a very long time.

In the mid-19th century, modern slides made of film was created, and in the 20 century colored slides were introduced, which was much like the photo slides we see today.

A projection bracelet hides your custom picture inside and works great as a forever keepsake.
How to Use a Projection Bracelet?

There’re three ways to use the projection photo bracelet --- with a light source, through the camera app, or with your naked eye.

  • With a light source

Use any type of flashlight to project the bracelet’s picture onto a nearby surface. The handiest one is the one on your phone.

1. Open the flashlight of your phone.
2. Stand wall facing
3. Point the flashlight against the flat side of the center stone.

You’ll see your favorite photo enlarged and projected onto the wall!

1. A dimmed environment creates the best result.
2. Stand about one feet from the wall.
3. You need to hold the pendant upside down so that the projection is upright.
4. Be patient. If it’s your first time using the projection bracelet, you may need to play around for a while to find the best angle.

  • With your naked eye

It’s the simplest way to check out your photo. You can simply peek into the glass-like gem in the center to view the image.

1. Hold the pendant against a light source, such as a dome light or desk lamp, to allow more light to come through. More light generates better, clearer results.

2. Hold it about one inch away from your eye.

  • With the camera lens

You can simply use the camera lens on your cellphone to display it on the screen.

1. Open the camera lens on your phone.
2. Point it at the convex side (front side) of the center stone. You will see your image enlarged and displayed on the screen!

If you’re still unclear of how to view the picture inside a photo projection bracelet, please write a comment or contact us anytime!

How to use a photo projection bracelet? Find out steps and tips!

What Can We Do with a Projection Bracelet?

1. Send as a gift to your loved one.

Personalization of gifts creates a special bond between us as it conveys more value and expresses the adoration more easily. Every time they wear a photo bracelet, they’ll feel the affection. No matter you’re shopping for the remarkable man in your life, or purchasing it for the great woman who supports you all along, a custom photo bracelet will put smile on their faces.

2. Memorize a long-lost family member or friend.

A picture projection bracelet is a great keepsake as it preserves your memories that are otherwise gone. It makes great sympathy gift for those who’re grieving.

3. Show your pride as a pet owner.

Many people put their dog or cat’s pictures inside the stone, so that their fur babies will always be around. If you’re looking for a pet owner gift, don’t miss it.

4. Wear as a beautiful accessory.

The pendant comes in various shapes and colors, and looks great for anyone on any occasion.

5. Try out a new fashion trend.

Explore the marvelous experience of seeing your custom photo enlarged and displayed on the wall!

A picture projection necklace is a perfect gift to say "I love you".

How to Make a Projection Bracelet?

Just pick a pendant shape and upload your favorite picture! We’ll make the best bracelet for you. Customodish offers free shipping and an extra 15% off, no code needed! 

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