Projection Necklaces, a New Idea for Sympathy Gift in Memory of a Loved One

Projection Necklaces, a New Idea for Sympathy Gift in Memory of a Loved One

Losing a loved one can be hard. If you want to do more to show your sympathy than a message or a phone call, try a photo projection necklace that shows your thought and care.

A projection necklace is a type of personalized projection jewelry that keeps a custom picture inside a transparent stone in the center. It’s similar to a locket which helps keep a picture alive forever. But it’s more innovative than a locket. When you shed a light through its center stone, your photo will be projected onto a nearby surface.

Dive in with us to find out why the projection photo necklace is a better condolence gift!

life of tree necklace with picture inside

  • It’s uncommon.

It’s likely that your friend or family has received plenty of flowers already. A unique and personalized gift will stand out and let them feel your love and care. Projector necklaces are all the hype as a type of personalized jewelry, and is bought by many as a sympathy gift, but it’s not as common as flowers or cards yet. A necklace with picture inside will remind them of their loved one every time they use it.

Most stunning about this photo necklace projection is the way it stores and projects one’s favorite picture onto a wall. No other jewelry can achieve this. Your gift receiver will be amazed at how it brings all their beautiful memories back to them.

  • It’s a gift with meaning that helps remember the lost one.

Nothing carries more meaning and conveys love better than a necklace with picture inside stone. Every time they peek into the pendant, or project the picture onto a wall, it'll bring them a glimmer of joy. You can also personalize it with a name or a date to honor a special person. Wearing a necklace with photo inside close to one’s heart will let them feel their loved one is forever around.

  •  It’s useful and suits everyone. 

A good sympathy gift should be something of practicality, instead of something they’ll just put away and not use at all. A picture necklace is a stylish accessory that can be worn by everyone on all occasions.

Sympathy gift for mother

A hidden photo necklace is a truly heartfelt memorial gift for the loss of mother. By choosing a beautiful photo that reminds people of the precious memories with their mother, you’re showing your utmost care and understanding.

Each piece is designed as a personal keepsake to last a lifetime, while the micro-engraved image will stay forever. It’s an easy way for someone to keep their precious memories with their beloved mother close by.

projection necklace for mom
Sympathy gift for men

The necklace with photo projection makes great memorial gifts for men too. You can choose from a wide selection of men’s style, such as the bar projection pendant and the cross projection necklace.

Sympathy gift for friends

You can turn sad happy and put a smile on your friend’s faces with the photo projection jewelry. A projection of their favorite picture will show them you care and is the way to their hearts.

Pet memorial gift

If they've recently lost a four-legged friend, a necklace with hidden picture also a lovely way to honor a pet. Every time a pet own sees the picture through the pendant, it'll bring them a glimmer of joy. Dog paw or cat shaped pen are perfect choice if you’re looking for a remembrance gift for the loss of a dog or a cat.

pet projection necklace

Final Thoughts

A good sympathy gift will give the person warmth and comfort during tough times, and there’s nothing better than a gift that captures important moments and helps preserve best memories. Try a photo projection necklace or a bracelet with picture inside and bring them a truly marvelous experience!


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