Cheap but Memorable Gifts for Mother’s Day 2023 under $35

Cheap but Memorable Gifts for Mother’s Day 2023 under $35

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we all love to spoil our moms on this special day. whether a gift is a home run or an epic fail doesn’t depend solely on the cost or brand. After all, it’s the thought and care, not the price, that matter most. Here are some ideas of unique, memorable gifts for less than $35.

Photo Projection Necklace
 The projection jewelry is a truly unique and innovative piece that convey your love in a beautiful and romantic way. The pendant keeps a tiny picture hidden inside and can beam it onto a wall with your phone’s flashlight. You can customize one with a family portrait, the photo of you and your mom on a vacation, or a secret message that expresses your love and gratitude.

This projection necklace is specially designed for moms. The heart shape symbolizes your deepest love and appreciation for your mother. Moms are always proud of their children, so a mother will feel proud to wear this photo necklace every day. There’re many other styles such as a vintage sunflower, a minimal circle shape and a rosebud shape. You’ll want to select a variant that matches your mother’s style and personality.

The prices of sterling silver projection photo necklaces are from $31. We provide free engraving service so that you could have yours engraved with your mother’s name or a short message.

Projection Bracelet

For moms who don’t wear a necklace, or have too many necklaces, a bracelet is a nice alternative. Choose a braided rope style for everyday wear, or a silver one for a more formal event. Simply upload her favorite picture and you’re all set. The idea of hiding a custom picture inside and the moment when it’s displayed on a wall makes it a memorable and sentimental piece.

Whenever your mother wear a projection bracelet, people around are bound to ask her the photo inside. This can lead to meaningful conversations about your mom’s favorite moments.

Unlike flowers or chocolates, the bracelet will continue to provide joy and comfort to your m long after Mother’s Day.

Projection Keychain

A photo projection keychain is a practical g and is a great way to keep your mom’s precious memories close to her at all times. Usually you can buy a key ring made from either bronze or sterling silver. A bronze pendant has the similar finish with a silver one but cheaper. It’s a budget friendly option which is still meaningful and memorable.

Custom Pillow

Is there anything better than a warm hug? A soft and puffy personalized photo pillow does that for you. A custom photo pillow adds more uniqueness as you can print any picture you like onto the front and back side. Use a photo of your mother’s favorite singer, her pet, or your selfie will make her laugh. Every time your mom look at it she’ll be reminded of your love.

Go ahead and order a custom pillow for your mom this Mother’s Day, and watch her face light up with happiness!

Custom Blanket

A personalized photo blanket is a practical and unique gift that will provide your mom with warmth and comfort while also holding sentimental value.

It can be customized with a photo of your choice or a special message. The best part of it is you can snuggle up with your mom on the couch and watch her favorite TV show on Mother’s Day. Spending time with your dearest mother and gifting her a cozy and unique blanket will make her feel loved.

Custom Mug

By choosing your favorite photo or writing a private message, you can put your own unique spin on things and create a truly unique mug. From elegant to cute or whimsical, you can make a gift that reflects your mother’s personality and taste.

Every time she sips coffee or a hot herbal tea, she’ll be reminded of your love and gratitude.

Final thoughts

All these above gifts are personalized so you need to plan ahead. This year’s Mother’s Day will come up on May 14th in the US and 19th March in the UK.  If you want it to arrive by that day, you’d better order at least 20 days in advance to get in time delivery!

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